Order inmate Foods and Care Package items simply online with |NYS Inmate Packages. Shop our inmate package program with confidence |NYS Inmate Packages. NYS Inmate Packages USA is an approved NY State Care Package Vendor |NYS Inmate Packages. Please note, NYC County Jails DO NOT ALLOW FOOD CARE PACKAGES.  When shopping for a State Inmate, contact the facility prior to completing your purchase. If an Inmate is classified in RECEPTION status (temporarily housed at Ulster, Downstate, Bedford Hills, and Elmira) they are Not Eligible for the monthly food care package program. If housed at one of the listed facilities for more than 31 days, he/she may receive a monthly package however; we recommend that you contact the facility prior to purchasing.  Please review "What You Need to Know Before You Checkout" for further details. 

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