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8.00 Ounces
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Wyler's Drink Mix (10) (2)

Rice Krispies Treats Original 2.13oz (4)

Pretzel 1.25oz (4)

Granola Bars 

Animal Cracker 4pck 6oz 

Mini Teddies 4pck 6oz

Assorted Chips .0875oz (7)

Albacore Tuna Pouch 2.5oz (3)

Simms Summer Sausage (2)

Simms Beef Snack Sticks 1.12oz box (2)

Cheese Sticks 1.12oz (2)

Twix Fun Pack 6ct 3.28oz

Hormel Pepperoni 1.75oz 

Cheese It Original 3oz

Planter’s Salted Peanuts 4oz 

Welcher’s Fruit Snacks (2)

Quaker’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (2)

Air Heads Candies .55oz (2)

Lance Toasty Cracker 4pck 5.1oz 

Taster’s Choice Coffee Singles 5oz

M&Ms Peanut -Movie Threater Box (2)

Grandmas Chocolate Cookies 2.5oz (2)

Mrs. Freshley’s Grand Honey Bun Box

Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Swirl Box


**Due to the large demand of Inmate Value Kits, we may substitute and item or brand to complete the order. The Substituted Item will be of equal value and brand. NYS Inmate Packages reserves the right to make these substitutes whenever necessary to complete the order in the proper timeline. Please contact the correctional facility with any questions regarding any product listed in this order. Although NYS Inmate Packages makes every effort to keep a listing of approved permissible items per Directive 4911 & Facilities FOP Directives; often times a Facility’s FOP may change. We will make every effort to update our product offering and notify the Inmate via the Invoice or Packing Slip**