Policy for NYS DOCCS Inmates ONLY

Product Info and Restrictions

This item list is taken from NYS Directive No. 4911 “Packages & Articles Sent or Brought to Facilities”.  If you purchase any items in which you are not allowed or more quantity than you are permitted, these items will not be sent to you. **This is for New York State Inmates, does not apply to NYC County Jails.**


LOCAL PERMIT.Certain articles cannot be approved Department-wide because of programmatic and physical plant characteristics of individual facilities. In order that those facilities which can accommodate special items are not governed by those which cannot, each facility may consider the issuance of “local permits”, that require the approval of the facility Superintendent and/or the Deputy Commissioner for Correctional Facilities. Below are items that may require a local permit and items with specific restrictions and conditions:

Property Description Specific Restriction and Conditions 
Alarm Clock  To order alarm clocks, check with your facility first for approval.  
Clothing   Personal clothing will not be permitted to accumulate beyond the limits established by the facility.  
Curling Iron  Local Permit required; Female Facilities Only  
Beard Trimmer   Local Permit required  
Earrings  3 Pair limit; Female Facilities only 
Greeting Cards  50 per month
Hair Dryer/Blow Dryer Local Permit required
Headphone Radio Local Permit required; limit 1
Headphone Radio Local Permit required; limit 1
Hot Pot Local Permit required; limit 1
Musical Instrument Local Permit required, limit 1
Necklaces Limit 2; Female Facilities Only
Prayer Rug Limit 1
Radio Local Permit required; limit 1
Radio/Tape Player Combination
Local Permit required; limit 1
Religious Pendant
$50 limit
Shaver/Electric razor
Local Permit required
Sunglasses w/ Case
2 Pair limit
Tape Player
Local Permit required; limit 1
Local Permit required; limit 1
Typewriter ribbons
Limit 6
Wedding Band
Limit 1
Wrist Watch Limit 1